Easy Chocolate Truffles

On Valentine’s Day I had the opportunity for my first live television segment! To be honest, I was pretty skeptical all the way up until it actually happened. I’d been in talks with producers a couple of times before and none of those conversations panned out. So this time I kept my expectations low so […]

Asparagus & Cauliflower Soup

Though it might not necessarily seem that way when you step outside, spring has officially sprung. This time of the year represents a season of renewal for many people. For some this manifests itself in the planting of gardens, dying of Easter eggs, or nutritional changes in preparation for summer—but one of the most popular […]

Peach Pie

The snow is starting to melt away and I’m beginning to see the actual pavement of the sidewalk. I think that means winter is coming to an end. (YES!) The official start of spring is just over a week away. Do you know what comes after that? SUUUUMMMMMMMMMEEEEEERRRRR!!!! (I’m a little excited in case you […]

Sausage and Ricotta Frittata

Frittatas may seem impressive, but they’re much simpler than they might appear. They’re my go-to dish for feeding a crowd at breakfast, brunch, and sometimes even dinner. (Yes, I ate leftovers of this very recipe for dinner.) Here I combine the eggs with sausage, onions, and ricotta cheese. I used a breakfast sausage for this […]

Lentils with Bacon, Kale, and Dried Cranberries

The Oscars have once again come and gone. Some of the most memorable moments from the nearly four hours of airtime were: Lady Gaga demonstrating just how talented she is via her Sound of Music/Julie Andrews tribute; someone’s dog named Larry getting thanked in an acceptance speech; NPH in his tighty whities; Common and John Legend’s performance […]

Baby Kale Salad with Fruit, Feta, and Walnuts

I spent my evening making some impromptu peanut butter cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth, so I figured I should write about a salad to counteract my gluttony. This isn’t so much a recipe, per se, but more of a list of ingredients I found in my kitchen to make a deliciously healthy lunch. A good […]

Orange Yogurt Pound Cake

My mother has been making a sour cream pound cake recipe for years that has been passed down from my great aunt (and probably a generation or two before her). It’s famous at holiday gatherings with family members all vying for a slice of heaven. That is, if it even makes it out of the […]

Mexican Chicken Flatbreads

The lovely folks over at The Daily Meal have teamed up with Tyson Foods for a Crispy Chicken Strips Campaign. I love chicken strips as much as any 8-year-old child, so count me in! Plus, I figured it could lead to a great new recipe just in time for the Superbowl. But what else would […]

Roasted Chicken and Tomatoes

Roasted chicken is one of my go-to main dishes because it’s easy, versatile, and delicious. By using dark meat the chicken stays deliciously moist and is difficult to overcook; plus it tends to be more budget friendly. A hot oven, some oil, salt, and pepper is all you really need to make some tasty food. […]

Sausage, White Bean, and Leek Soup

It’s a new year folks. Good riddance 2014! You won’t be missed. Though the year certainly had its share of good highlights—my first trip to Europe, a site redesign, and some great new partnerships for the blog—the year also brought its more than fair share of disappointments. I won’t go into depth with them here, […]

Green Apple, Cucumber, Jalapeño and Mint Juice

In just two short weeks we’ll have popped champagne bottles, watched a giant ball drop, and started plotting whatever resolutions we have for the new year. For many, one of those resolutions will likely revolve around health and fitness. When Williams-Sonoma asked me to help kick off their Juice Week and its mission of “Not […]

Whiskey Braised Short Ribs

Though it isn’t technically winter for a few more days, there’s a Christmas tree up in my living room and I’ve experienced my first snowfall of the year. As the chill starts to set in for a few months my kitchen will be occupied with braised meats. For some reason or another when I think […]
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