Triple-Meat Breakfast Burger

Sometimes when one is struck with the perfectly stocked fridge and a brilliant idea, dishes of pure magic are created. This is certainly the case with this triple-meat breakfast burger. It consists of a prosciutto-wrapped beef patty topped with bacon and an egg on a sesame seed bun. (I’ll give you a couple of minutes […]

Oven Barbecue Ribs

I know what you’re probably thinking—why am I putting “oven,” “barbecue,” and “ribs” so close together in the post title? Well the fact is, the oven is my only option for anything resembling barbecue given I live in a New York City apartment. No, there is no smoke ring to speak of with this method […]

Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce

Whenever people learn about what I do it is often one of the first things they mention when they introduce me to others. I don’t really mind the free advertisement, but nonetheless it leads most people to think of food when they think of me (and vice versa). So naturally, I received an email when […]

Cucumber Mint Salad

I tend to shy away from buying fresh herbs. The fact is that unless I make pesto or chimichurri, a good portion of them almost always end up in the trash can. But at times I just can’t help myself! Fresh herbs can add so much to a dish (more than just making it look prettier). […]

Molasses Cupcakes

Sometimes we end up with random ingredients in our apartment and it’s up to me to find a way to make use of them. So was the case when it came to a bottle of molasses that my roommate bought to create some sort of natural hair treatment. I think some of the hair product […]

Bacon and Black Bean Soup

I love beans. Point. Blank. Period. I always like to keep canned beans in my pantry because they can lead to a quick, filling meal when you don’t have anything else to eat. My go-to’s are black, red kidney, and cannellini beans. (Others that I frequent are black-eyed peas, chickpeas, and lima beans.) If I […]

Pork Tacos

It’s Tuesday, and that means you’re probably thinking about tacos. (I think about them on all of the other days of the week too.) Here I make quick, easy tacos using beautifully sautéed pork chops as the main attraction. The pork is paired with an easy guacamole and sliced radishes, and is wrapped in corn […]

Mashed Potato Gnocchi with Fresh Tomato Sauce

The last time I made pasta from scratch was for my culinary school final exam a little over three years ago. Let’s just say I was having an off day in the kitchen and my evening didn’t go nearly as planned. I made it through with a slightly bruised ego, but I hadn’t made fresh […]

S’mores Ice Cream Pie

A few weeks ago I was doing some outside recipe testing for a frozen s’more and absolutely fell in love with mixing toasted marshmallows into ice cream. It changed my life, and now I want to change yours. This recipe has only 5 ingredients, only needs you to turn on your oven for a few minutes, and […]

Bacon Avocado Egg Toast

bae: 1. Slang for “babe” or “baby.” 2. An acronym for “before anyone else.” 3. The sound made by sheep. 4. Bacon, avocado, and egg—perhaps one of the greatest combinations in the world. “Bae” is a term that has entered the American lexicon similar to “selfie” or “twerk.” It has even spurred articles written in national publications like TIME and The […]

Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

A basic vanilla buttercream frosting with an extra dose of vanilla flavor from using vanilla bean seeds. Use to frost you next baking project. Ingredients: 1 pound (4 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon salt 1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped Procedure: Add all of […]

Carrot-Top Pesto with Raw Carrot “Pasta”

There’s nothing quite like fresh produce. In the summer is when there is a great abundance of quality fruits and vegetables for all to consume. After walking the aisles of the grocery store to hunt down ingredients for my icebox cake recipe, I realized I should also find something to make for dinner. I was a little tired […]
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