Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mexi-Tot Scramble

Here's another entry of what I (at least in my mind) refer to as "Random Things Hutch Eats That May Or May Not Get Posted To The Blog," or "R.T.H.E.T.M.O.M.N.G.P.T.T.B." for short. Other such items have included my hot dog chili, as well as my clever idea of what to do with a Ramen noodle packet. Not necessarily anything restaurant quality, but still tasty and there when you need a quick meal in a jiffy. To this day, I—even after going through culinary school—always try to keep hot dogs in the freezer and Ramen in the cupboards for whenever I need to make something to eat in 2.8 minutes. But I digress...

One Saturday night in March I met up with a few friends that were at a random karaoke bar in Williamsburg for some girl's birthday. I remember the L train wasn't working (shocker!) and I had to take a cab in order to get there. Thankfully my roommate's boyfriend—whom I sometimes think of as my third roommate—drove that night and was able to chauffeur us back to Astoria. But before that could happen, we were stricken with hunger as we exited the land of off-key singing, with the exception of the one guy that was supposedly on American Idol. Seeing as how the 'Burg was my old stomping grounds, I knew exactly what I wanted: a falafel sandwich with hummus from Oasis to the tune of $3.50. At one point, my previous roommate started to make fun of me for how much I ate it. Other members of the group that evening were in the mood for something slightly different, so after I devoured my sandwich we trekked down the block to Crif Dogs.

Crif Dogs is, of course, known for their scrumptious wieners with all manner of accoutrements, but they also have tater tots! Did you hear me? TATER TOTS!!! (They and hash browns are neck-and-neck for my favorite form of potato to consume.) We get one order to share among the five of us, which quickly disappears, and so we decide to order another. Fortunately for next day me and current you, our eyes were too big for our stomachs at that point.

Enter the next morning/afternoon when I make this lovely concoction of three eggs mixed with a splash of heavy cream, seasoned with salt and pepper, tossed with day-old tater tots, and garnished with a Mexican shredded cheese blend and salsa from a jar. Semi-homemade at it's finest.


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